Self-collaged Paintings
Ink on paper, collage. In progress — images soon.

Long term photographty project — samples coming soon
Chipboard sm.
Small paintings, collage, installation — images coming soon
In progress — images coming soon

Painted book covers book — photos coming soon

A Chronicle of ... Curently being edited for publication — .pdf soon

Small Paintings Acrylic on paper, 5 x 7, 2012-13

Para-animus Collages from Bear Attack book pages, ink, 2010-13

Fireflies in a Jar with a sheet of film. 2010-13

U. Arctos Horribilis Found photo, paper, ink, 2010

A Canon Digital print on paper, 33" x 23" 2010-12

Drawing Wood Pencil on paper, 2009

Thursday Found photo, paper, ink, 2010

Office Sign (zombies) Plastic sign, 2009

American Anthem Book pages, ink, 2008

31 Small Drawings on paper, 2008

200X Polaroid of flag, repeated 10x, 2007

Cork Logs Cork, ink, clippings 2003-10 Dragonfly Mixed media, 2007-08 Two Weeks Extinct Inkjet, 2008 Solo Cup Cup, cactus tines, etc. '06-08 Cloud Plywood, model trees, etc. 2007-08

US Rug Colored pencil on paper, 2008

Line Drawing Ink, gold paint on paper, 2008

SHAM Packaging tape, ink, 2007-08

Photos, Scaled Inkjet prints, 2007

Candy Cassette Candy, glue, etc., 2006-07

Timber Dwg (cut out) Paper, ink, pencil, 2006-07

Timber Dwg (geo) paper, ink, pencil, 2006-07

Etched Cup Styrofoam cup, pen ink, 2005-06 Zippo Brass lighter cover, drilled, 2006 Burr Foot Plastic display model, sock, burrs, etc., 2006

Ziptie Fire Wood, plastic zipties, 2005

Brush Plastic dust brush, paint, 2005

Snowglobe Souveneir, mini bag, '04

Murky Cowboy Rubber, plastic toy, 2004

Balloon Vase Plastic, 2003

Felt Bench Steel, wool felt, 2001

Copenhagen Chair Steel, paper twine, 1999

Wine Rack Steel, powdercoat, graffiti (by alife), 2002

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